Lastest Cave Trip Pictures - Waterford Ice Caves

Ice coded corridor

Joel exploring

Joel Standing on Ice

Lacey & Mel

Lacey at entrance

Melissa Climbing In

Newly Discovered Hole

Information Updates

March 7 2009 - UPDATE

Well it has been 2 years in the making but the new face lift to the site is up. I think it's more professional and pleasing to the eye. Bear with me please, there is still much more work to be done with the cave photos and the guest book pages. Soon the news page will have a small photo album posted of the most recent caving trip.

I have discovered Christophers chasm, which is not really a cave but still a very cool spot. To my understanding Sliver cave was around the Superstore in millidgeville but has since been quarried out. I hoping this year to get a helmet camera and take some video clips of caving, also mapping a cave and finding new one is on the to do list.

December 12 2007 - UPDATE

This is update is way overdue.Well it is true that life gets busy, sometimes to busy for fun. I am hoping to start mapping a local cave early next year. Also friends have given me leads on two new caves. One is here in Saint John called Sliver Cave. The other is located in the Waterford area with no name. With the help of the museum geologist (Randy Miller) I have acquired a detailed geographical map of New Brunswick which shows where the main limestone vines run.Also I have been in contact with a fellow caver named Eric Hendricson who has given me info on some caves in the Christmas Mountains and others .I have been in communication with the Martin Davis, editor of the national magazine "The Canadian Caver". Who has put a package together of all the back issues the contain any information on maritimes caves. I am waiting on it any day now.

I am hoping to add more caves to my list. Happy Caving!!

July 15 2007 - UPDATE

Through my research of caves, I was connected with Don McAlpine (head of the zoology at the Saint John NB museum). He told me of two Phd students from South Florida University that were on their way up here to explore the caves of NB. Don has not been to some of the caves for a number of years. So he ask for my help in being a guide / extra pair of hands. Naturally I said yes. The group was made up of Jason Polk, Leslie North, Randy Miller, Don McAlpine, Lacey Mckenna and me. We went caving for three days and in that time period hit 10 caves. Some people would call that a death march.Up to now my main reason for caving was one of recreation. I did not know there was a science aspect to it called Speleology. With their help and wealth of knowledge, my focus has shifted to learning the techniques of hunting for new caves and even mapping the caves themselves.

June 21 2007 - UPDATE

I have been naive in believing that other explorers would respect and preserve the caves natural beauty. Not only the cave but the land to and surrounding it. I have received complaints from land owners about garbage. So now those's caves are closed and trespassing will be prosecuted.



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